About me

I was born in 1969 in Driebergen, The Netherlands. After finishing a practical education for biodynamic farming at the Warmonderhof (currently located in Dronten, The Netherlands), I came to Wageningen in 1993 to study Agricultural Engineering with emphasis on both `system control' and `soil tillage in organic agriculture'. Later my academic education continued with a second master Organic Agriculture (with emphasis on technology-society interaction and education & communication). In-between my master studies, I was employed at the Louis Bolk Instituut (currently located in Bunnik, The Netherlands), both as soil & compost researcher and as computer system administrator. A large part of my work-life I was, and still are, building tailor-made complex databases and related web-based applications as part-time entrepreneur, with focus on small organisations.

My PhD thesis gives a nice impression of my scientific contribution to the field of geostatistics. For me an important part of science is to share findings and concepts, and if possible, make them visually attractive.

I was involved as a volunteer for many years at the Wageningen organic student association (StEL), and at this moment I am involved in representing Wageningen student tenants in the student flat organisation (SFO). This includes being active in the mini-village (some call it a community) where I happen to live: Droevendaal.

My interests include sustainability and sustainable travel. I managed to use only train, ferry, bus and bicycle for all seven conferences I went to in the context of this PhD. The only exception -- when I had no reasonable alternative to flying -- was my research visit in Australia. Perhaps, in the future, each Wageningen PhD thesis comes with a small obligatory section “Environmental impact of this PhD project”?

One of my more playful intentions related to my PhD was to visit all university libraries in The Netherlands. Because of COVID-19, I did not succeed, but hopefully I can fulfil this quest in the future.