Thesis cover

The public defence of my PhD thesis was on Thursday April 22, 11:00 (UTC+2), 2021.

The recording can be found at .


Note that, in the Dutch context, a PhD defence is a formal, public ceremony including scientific discussion, rather than a pass/improve/fail examination about the PhD thesis itself. The thesis has already been finalised, approved and printed. The committee will however assess the candidates' ability to discuss the contents of the thesis.

11:00 Introduction PhD research: layman's talk
11:15 Academic session: discussion with four opponents
12:00 Deliberation by the committee: break
12:15 Laudation: formally granting the degree of Doctor by the rector/chair, and some reflections and personal remarks by the daily supervisor
12:30 Closing

You can download the thesis itself as a pdf file (20 MB).

The journal version of Chapters 2, 3 and 4 can be found here:
2: Geostatistical interpolation and aggregation of crop growth model outputs;
3: Mapping the probability of ripened subsoils using Bayesian logistic regression with informative priors and
4: Model-Based Geostatistics from a Bayesian Perspective: Investigating Area-to-Point Kriging with Small Data Set with separate dataset.